Services available from voradian

Hosted Business Phone System and Dial-tone

  • Digital HD Voice
  • Single or Multi-Location Business. 

High Quality Business VoIP and SIP Trunking

  • Enhanced Dial-tone for your existing traditional PBX system. 

Local and Toll-Free Numbers

  • Vanity Numbers

DID numbers

  • Local
  • National
  • Global

Local and Toll-Free Number Porting

  • Port your current phone numbers 
  • No need to change your current phone numbers

Integrated Business Voice and SMS enabled Telephone Numbers

  • Single dedicated direct business line
  • Voice and text enabled. 

quality. reliability. scalability. mobility. Security. Price.

Business SMS and MMS Service

  • Send and receive directed SMS from your business phone system. 
  • Send and receive directed MMS from your business phone system. 

Automated SMS Service

  •  Automated SMS bot
  • Interacts with text messages received on your business phone with predefined answers. 

Automated Text Messaging Attendant

  • AI (artificial intelligence) powered automated text messaging attendant service
  • Communicates in real-time 
  • Text messages customers in a conversational way
  • Provide answers to questions, send links and or .pdf files/ documents
  • Pre-qualify and transfer the call to you when needed. 

Wireless Integrated Business Mobile Phone Service

  • Voice, text, and web integrated with your business phone system.
  • Dial outbound using 3, 4, or 5 digit extension-to-extension dialing.
  • Dial to external phone using full phone numbers. 
  • Receive inbound calls from within your organization using extension-to-extension dialing
  • Receive inbound calls from any external phone number. 

Hosted Secure Fax Service

  • Flexible and secure faxing.
  • Mobile faxing capabilities.
  • HIPPA compliant for healthcare organizations. 

Web and Video Conferencing

  • For live webinars, training, meetings, and live video conference.
  • Web, video and simulcasting capabilities from anywhere and on any device. 

Over 200 functions and features. No additional cost.

Webinar and Online Meeting Solutions

  • Presentation,
  • Training
  • Demos
  • Much, much more! 

Audio Conferencing Bridge

  • Real time audio conferencing from anywhere and on any device. 
  • Voradian’s built-in audio conferencing capabilities can increase productivity and efficiency. 

Unified Communications Service (UC)

  • Connect, Communicate and Collaborate across the enterprise and externally from anywhere in the world and on any device. 

Mobile optimized

  • Full PBX functionality from any device
  • Web conferencing from any device
  • Mobile fax 
  • Individual user control
  • Group control at the domain level

Business Surveillance

  • Monitor remote locations
  • Access desktop computers
  • Operate machines and equipment
  • Eemote video and audio monitoring
  • SCADA functions.
  • Real time logistics, monitoring, and information you care about most.

SD-WAN Network Solutions

  • Guard against vulnerabilities and cyber threats
  • Built-in cutting-edge network security tools
  • Monitor your network 24/7/365
  • Get a 360 degree view of your complete network at a single location or distributed locations.
  • Much, much more!

Nationwide High-Speed Wired Broadband Internet

  • Cable
  • Fiber,
  • DSL and more
  • Available coast-to-coast in the United States. 

Nationwide 4G LTE Wireless Broadband Internet

  • Largest and the most powerful network in the nation.
  • Coast-coast in all regions of the United States. 
  • Back-up connectivity solution with automatic failover
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery with 200GB, 400GB, 800GB or 1.6TB of data per month
  • Low affordable rates. 

Exceptional system. exceptional service. exceptional experience.

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