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We understand that your business requires a comprehensive phone system to compete in today's business environment. With VORADIAN™, you don't have to compromise. We provide you more than an alternative solution. We are always pushing innovation to the edge and delivering unprecedented communications capabilities for businesses across all industries and sizes. We are enabling our customers to realize a competitive edge in their market place by driving increased customer engagement with our technologies, solutions and support. We are empowering our customers to differentiate from their competitors with the ability to deliver exceptional service to their customers. At the end of the day, don't be left behind wondering whether your customer's experience was a positive interaction with your organization. Get clarity with  VORADIAN™ . Features listed below are available with all  our service plans.

standard features and functionalities

System Features


Features and Functions on the System-Wide Level.

Group Features


Features and Functions available for Groups.

User Features


Features and Functions available for individual users.

Web Based Customer Portal Features


Features and Functions available in the Web Based Customer Portal.

system features

  • 100% Organized in the Cloud, so you can work from anywhere, any time, and on any device - Desktop Phone, PC, Mac, Laptop, Smart Phone, or Tablet. 
  • Unprecedented Mobile Capabilities with Voradian MobileUC. Remain connected with prospects, customers, employees and colleagues on the move with full PBX capabilities and total privacy assurance with Company Caller ID. 
  • IP Desktop Phones from world's leading manufacturers to power your communication at the office.
  • 100% Scalability - so you can grow from small to planet scale. 
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - so your business can continue to operate regardless of natural disasters, local power outage or network outages. 
  • Operate from a single location or distributed locations, on the go, or from remote locations as if you are at your office desk with full PBX capabilities. 
  • Extension-to-Extension dialing under the same roof or from distributed operating locations. 
  • Easy to use, Easy to learn and Easy to manage. Fast deployment - just hours not weeks to get your service up and running. 



  1. Configurable Permissions
  2. Secure login
  3. Custom Integrations of Salesforce Adapter, Outlook and other third party productivity tools
  4. Virtual Office Control Panel
  5. Hospitality and Resort Systems (PMS)
  6. Click-to-Call from WordPress and or other CMS and websites with a simple HTML code insertion
  7. Single sign-on Access to all System Functions
  8. Call Control
  9. Fault Tolerant -Active-Active Architecture
  10. Geo-distributed
  11. Highly Scalable
  12. Rolling and Hitless upgrades
  13. Security and Fraud Detection
  14. Auto Block Failed Registrations
  15. Auto Block SIP Port Scanning
  16. Auto Block Promiscuous SIP Devices
  17. Velocity Filter for Bad Digits
  18. Remote and auto Device Provisioning
  19. Customized Directories
  20. Domain and Device Overrides
  21. MAC Management
  22. Remotely Triggered Updates
  23. Supports all major SIP Phones
  24. Zero Touch Device Configuration
  25. QoS (Quality of Service) Monitoring
  26. SIP Trace
  27. Regulatory Compliance
  28. E-911 Emergency Calling Solution
  29. CALEA Compliant
  30. HIPAA and PCI-DSS Compliant
  31. And much more!

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Group features


  1. ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  2. Auto Attendants*
  3. Personal Auto Attendants
  4. Scheduled Auto Attendant
  5. Chained Auto Attendants
  6. Barge In
  7. Business Trunking
  8. Call Intercept
  9. Directed Call Park
  10. Dynamic Call Park
  11. Calling Group ID Delivery
  12. Configurable Extension Dialing
  13. Configurable Feature Codes
  14. Configurable Directories
  15. Device Inventory per customer/user account
  16. Department Support
  17. Group Announcements
  18. Group Custom Ring-back
  19. Group Instant Messaging
  20. Hot Desking
  21. Hoteling
  22. Hunt Groups
  23. Instant Group Call
  24. Listen In
  25. And much more!

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User Features


  1.  Account Codes
  2. ANI/CLI Customizations 
  3. Anonymous Call Rejection
  4. Authentication by Digest
  5. Busy Lamp Field
  6. Line Sharing (Group/ Department/ Domain)
  7. Call Forwarding on Active
  8. Call Forwarding Always
  9. Call Forwarding Busy
  10. Call Forwarding No Answer
  11. Call Forwarding Not Reachable
  12. Find Me–Follow me (multiple numbers - internal and external)
  13. Sync with Server
  14. Call Logs (Inbound and Outbound)
  15. Call Monitoring
  16. Automatic Recording
  17. On-demand Recording
  18. Supervising Mode
  19. Silent Monitoring
  20. Call Notify
  21. Call Pick Up Extension
  22. Call Pick Up Department
  23. Call Pick Up Domain (Across the enterprise)
  24. Directed Call Pickup
  25. Call Recording MobileUC
  26. Call Return
  27. Call Status (Real-time in User Portal)
  28. Call Transfer to extension or outside number
  29. Attended Transfer
  30. Blind Transfer
  31. Intercom Transfer
  32. Transfer to Voicemail
  33. Call Waiting
  34. Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking
  35. Calling Name Retrieval
  36. CDRs
  37. Charge or Billing Number
  38. Client Call Control (API and User Portal)
  39. Conferencing (Multi-Way Calling) 
  40. Convene Conference
  41. Invite Attendees
  42. Multiple Conference Rooms
  43. Scheduled/Instant Conference
  44. Web-based Setup
  45. Customer Care Line (611)–Direct call to Voradian Customer Service
  46. Device Auto Provisioning
  47. Direct Inward Dialing
  48. Directed Call Park
  49. Directed Call Park with Ring-back
  50. Dynamic Call Park
  51. Directed Call Pickup
  52. Diversion Inhibitor
  53. DISA (Directed Inward System Access)
  54. Do Not Disturb 
  55. Sync with Server
  56. Extension Dialing (Across the entire enterprise platform)
  57. External Calling Line ID Delivery
  58. Hunt Groups/ Ring Group
  59. In-Call Service Activation
  60. Instant Messaging (via SIP SIMPLE)
  61. Intercom-to-Intercom Private Paging
  62. Intercom-to-Intercom Multi-Cast Paging (All Users)
  63. Internal Calling Line ID Delivery
  64. Last Number Redial
  65. Message Waiting Indicator
  66. Custom Music-On-Hold (Domain Wide)
  67. System Default Music-on-Hold
  68. Personalized Music-on-Hold
  69. Phone Status
  70. Presence (Know your colleague’s availability)
  71. Privacy
  72. Selective Call Acceptance
  73. Selective Call Rejection
  74. Simultaneous Ring
  75. Shared Call Appearance
  76. Three-Way Call
  77. Two-Stage Dialing
  78. Video Telephony
  79. Voicemail 
  80. Default Greetings
  81. Customizable Greetings
  82. Name Recording
  83. Email Notification
  84. Voicemail Forwarding
  85. Forwarding to Email
  86. User Portal (View, Modify, Save, Delete)
  87. Voice Messaging Group
  88. Voice Messaging Call Back
  89. Web Based Secure User Portal
  90. Contact List with Presence
  91. Click-to-Call from Contacts List
  92. Click-to-Call from Web Browser
  93. Click-to-Call from Email
  94. Click-to-Call from CRM integration
  95. Inbound Call Handling Rules
  96. Screen Pops on User Portal
  97. Screen Pops on Integrated CRM
  98. Screen Pop on User Browser
  99. Messaging - Group and Private
  100. User-Specific Music and Messaging on Hold
  101. And much more!

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Customer portal Features


  1. Active Calls Management
  2. Contact Directory
  3. Click-to-Call from Directory
  4. Call Routing Designer
  5. Call Routing and Handling
  6. Answering Rule Management
  7. External Number and Extension Dialing
  8. Receive Inbound Calls
  9. Call Records/ History
  10. Call Statistics
  11. Import/ Export Bulk Contacts
  12. Presence Panel Display
  13. Conference Bridge Management
  14. Device Management
  15. Move, Add, Change or Remove Devices on the fly
  16. Personalized Music and Messaging on Hold Upload
  17. Queue Management
  18. Voicemail Management
  19. Profile Management
  20. Block/ Allow by Area Code, Prefix or Phone Number
  21. Device Button Designer
  22. Send/ Receive Secure Fax
  23. And much more!

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